Ashton Gardens Wedding | Allison + Kenneth

Ashton Gardens Wedding | Allison + Kenneth

If you’ve been following our blog, then i’m sure you remember Allison and Kenneth. If you not, take a look back at their Piedmont Park Engagement Session. The months have past and how we are here to celebrate their Ashton Gardens Wedding! Boy how the time flies. Moving on, Allison and Kenneth kicked off our first Ashton Gardens Wedding of the year and we absolutely had a blast. Here are some of the highlights for their special day and a few words from the bride and groom.

Wedding Date: 04/30/2016

First Dance Song: “As” Marsha Ambrosius & Anthony Hamilton



How did you meet and how did he propose?

Kenneth and I met our Sophomore year at Georgia State University. Fate would have it that we both stayed on the same floor. It was move in day, I was getting off the elevator as he was getting on. He asked if I was staying on this floor and what my name was, completely missing his elevator ride down. I tried to make it clear that I wasn’t interested in being a friend of his. However, he remained persistent. Finally, he caught the elevator down and his parting words were “I’m going to make you love me.” Little did I know he would hold true to his word. Time went by and we developed a “love-hate” friendship until one day he asked me on a date. After a few dates, we decided to become serious and it’s been an amazing journey since. 3 years & counting.

The Proposal: My fiance’ had my father request a specific restaurant, Yardhouse at Atlantic Station, for me to take him on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015. My dad was on his phone the entire time at lunch which is very rare. and he took 2-3 restroom breaks for about 10 minutes each. Then he asked me to take him to Kilwin’s (my favorite ice cream place which also happens to be at Atlantic Station) and he was really adamant about going. So we go to Kilwin’s, In walked my 2 best friends (one who came down from Kentucky for the weekend). Then another good friend of mine walked in and they all were saying “Happy Father’s Day.” I’m like “how in the world did the 3 of them all randomly end up here at the same time with me?” My mom walked in (by this time, I was crying uncontrollably), his family members, more of our friends, even my supervisor (who I was in the middle of emailing about work ), co-workers and last, but certainly not least, my lovely fiance’. He announced to the store that he wanted to take my hand in marriage, kneeled and asked me to be his queen forever. It was so amazing and one of the greatest moments of our lives- it’s a moment that still brings me to tears!!!




Describe your wedding dress. What was shopping like for you?

I wanted a dress that was simple, yet beautiful. I searched millions of dresses and saved a ton to my Pinterest board. I prayed and prayed before my first dress shopping and asked God to have my dress waiting on my first go round. When I knew I would be going to Anya Bridal for my first dress shopping experience, I looked up their catalog. I took screenshots of so many dresses so that I would be able to show them my vision. I got there with my wedding party (only the ladies of course) and tried on about 4 dresses. The 5th dress was everything I wanted. I was so happy and although everyone wanted me to go to another place “just in case, ” I realized this was an answered prayer and decided to go with that dress. My thinking was that I would probably be able to find a dress I liked/loved anywhere so why waste time? I found a dress that was in my budget and that I loved!

Ashton Gardens

Here comes the bride and her proud father.


Ashton Gardens Weddings

Ashton Gardens Wedding

red carpet party dresses

Ashton Gardens Wedding





What is your best memory from your wedding?

My favorite memory was watching the expression on my dad’s face during the first look…. I’ve never seen him cry before so it made me emotional.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?

Take each day as it comes. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking of all the different things you’ll have to pay for, etc. Use planners and to do lists as much as possible. Be flexible and decide what’s important to you and what’s not so important. Be reasonable and remember it’s only one day. Invest more in your marriage!

Ashton Gardens Wedding

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