Atlanta Engagement Photographer | Latoia + Lamar

Atlanta Engagement Photographer | Latoia + Lamar
by andrebrown May 17, 2017

Our latest engagement session is one of our newest clients, Latoia and Lamar, a wonderful couple who will be having their wedding at Ventana’s here in Atlanta this fall. They came to Atlanta last week for their engagement session and we were able to snag some great engagement photos that I wanted to share with you. As always, learn a little about this awesome couple and enjoy some of our favorites photos from their session.

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How did you meet?

Lamar and I disagree on our first meeting, but claims we first met at the club near the end of spring semester in Statesboro, GA while attending Georgia Southern University. One of his friends was trying to approach my now Maid of Honor whom my Lamar knew from high school. While his friend was busy spitting game to my friend, Lamar says he took this open opportunity to introduce himself to me. However to my recollection, we first met at a house party thrown for my line sisters and I by the Que’s the week after we crossed Delta Sigma Theta in Spring 2009. Lamar, who a few weeks earlier crossed Kappa Alpha Psi was also the roommate of our host. We met outside on the front deck of his house and exchanged numbers. As Neo’s, a bond was formed through several parties and events to follow, and we remained friends for several months before making it official nearly a year later. Seven years later and we’ve been together ever since.

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Tell us about your first date!

Since our relationship began as a friendship, it’s hard to identify the first “date” but there was one time in which he asked me if I would like to ride get something to eat. I wasn’t hungry, but down to ride to get out the house for a minute. This was the first time we had met up outside of group social events, so I was kind of worried if it would be awkward or not but at this point in time, I wasn’t looking for anything serious. So Lamar pulled up to my dorm building in this mint condition pearl white 1992 Nissan 300ZX and I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised that not only was he driving a car almost as old as him, but also that he wasn’t your typical college guy flexing in a chromed out Dodge Charger. But being the person I am, I wasn’t about to let him know that I was pleased with his distinguished flex. So after I got in the car and a few digs were exchanged, we proceeded to head to Krystal’s drive-thru because it was of the few places still open. It was on this short journey that we talked about our past and began getting to know one another.

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Tell us about the proposal

His proposal was a complete surprise! Several weeks leading up to my birthday, Lamar had asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner. I always wanted to go to Skyline Park at Ponce City Market and suggested we go there. My parents had also wanted to join us, so I figured it’d be perfect for a casual night out. On Saturday, October 22, 2016, the weekend following by birthday, we went to Ponce City Market to meet my parents for dinner. We ended up running an hour late, due to my procrastination, and I strongly considered the idea of rescheduling our outing for the next day. We finally arrived to Ponce City Market and enjoyed some burgers and fries while I opened some birthday gifts from my parents. I couldn’t help but notice that Lamar was on his phone the entire time texting away and barely interacting and I was growing increasingly annoyed by his disrespect. Then he begins rushing me to finish my meal so we could go upstairs before they closed. The elevator to Skyline Park was closing in 30mins and I didn’t see the point of paying the admission and was ready to go home. Nonetheless, Lamar convinced me otherwise and we boarded the elevator to Skyline Park. Once the elevator gates opened, I was greeted by a many familiar faces and shouts of “Surprise!” and “Happy Birthday!”. In complete shock, I immediately turned to Lamar to see if he was aware of the surprise to which he quickly replied “Who do you think planned this?” Surrounded by all my closest friends, we all celebrated my birthday with rides, games, and drinks with the Atlanta skyline as our backdrop. While singing Lamar praises for being the best boyfriend ever, my roommate challenges me to a game of ring toss. I was extremely uninterested in playing such a game but my competitive nature could not pass up a challenge. The game attendant hands me a large bucket of rings and the competition ensues. During the game, Lamar makes several attempts to tell me how much he loves me, but as a fierce competitor, I was too focused on winning to pay him much attention nor did I care to notice the growing crowd encircling us from behind. As I neared the bottom of the ring bucket, I noticed a small box but dismissed it as I was more worried about only having a few rings left for a chance at winning. Clearly astonished that I hadn’t caught on yet, he grabs the ring box and sets it on the counter. It is at this point that I start hearing “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge being played by the DJ and I finally realize what’s happening. Lamar turns me to face him, says “You know I love you, right”, and gets down on one knee. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear much of anything after that due to my cries of joy and a rare episode of speechlessness. I honestly don’t recall verbalizing any type of acceptance besides several nods and sobs, but obviously Lamar knew my answer already. Overcome with emotion, we embraced and our friends and family rushed in to congratulate us.

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