Georgia Freight Depot Weddings – McMillan Wedding

Georgia Freight Depot Weddings – McMillan Wedding
by andrebrown July 07, 2017

Recently we had the pleasure of photographing our first of many Georgia Freight Depot Weddings for Sarah and Greg McMillan. Such a great couple and a pleasure to work with. In this weeks update we wanted to share a little bit of our favorites from the wedding day and tell you a little bit about the couple. I hope you enjoy.

Wedding Date: 06/24/2017

First Dance Song: Meghan Trainor/ John Legend: Like Im gonna lose you

bride makeup

Bride portrait

Tell us how you met and about the proposal.

Greg and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. I worked with his friend, at my first emergency department experience as nurse and Greg went to high school with him. We exchanged phone numbers and Facebook contact information. After a few phone calls and messages via the internet and three failed attempts of Greg asking me out, I finally agreed and we had our first date at Dave and Busters September 13, 2014.

The Proposal 
– I knew something was going on because for about 5 months, he started to act strange became extremely secretive. He would leave the room when his phone rang and would pay for “different gifts” in cash. I started to think he was cheating.. but he reassured me, he was doing all of this for my birthday. He told me he had a three part celebration for my 25th birthday. Part one, he had flowers, chocolate and balloons delivered to me the day before my birthday at work. The second part, we spent an entire day at the spa. For the huge reveal, he bought me a new outfit , and after I was dressed, blindfolded me to take me to our destination. When the car stopped, he gently walked me to the door and I could hear people and small footsteps. He uncovered my eyes and presented me to my surprise birthday party. I was excited and honored to see our friends and family present. Although everything was great, the food was amazing the DJ was on point, I knew something else was up because the menu at the party read “Congratulations Sarah and Greg” So towards the end the evening, Greg had me walk to the middle of the dance floor and he asked to me sit down. He had a speech prepared to profess his love to me, got down on one knee and asked. me to marry him!

Bride portrait

Describe your wedding dress. Who was the designer? What was wedding shopping like for you?

I’ve always been a simple female, I knew I didn’t want a Cinderella ball gown, with lots of fluff, and I knew I didn’t care for a dress full of lace– but wanted something simply beautiful with some sex appeal. I kept my entourage small, it was just me, my maid of honor and my wedding planner. The less amount of people… the less stress and pressure on me.. From the moment I waked into Anya Bridal, the first dress I spotted I remember telling my MOH “ohh that’s nice I want to try that on” would be the one I bought. However, while the dress was all I thought I wanted.. as time went by and I was waiting for my dress to come in, I wanted to re arrange some aspects of it. So with the assistance and vision of the talented Angela Maw, we re-designed the back of my gown and added a sexy v shaped back, added a little spice to the front to give me a timeless look!

Groom getting ready

Groom Epic shot


Ceremony Decor 2

Ceremony Decor

What was the inspiration for your wedding?

I actually planned on having a 1920s maybe even a Great Gatsby themed wedding, however as the details, flowers and other decorations came into play– I changed my mind, multiple times. Greg also did not agree with some of the Gatsby ideas so being the amazing wife that I am– I took into consideration of what he had in mind for our special day as well. I did not really care for flowers, but i knew I wanted something small and romantic. I had an evening wedding, with lots of candles and beautiful uplights.

Bride and Father

Bride and Groom

Bride and groom photo

Bride and Groom laughing



Georgia Freight Depot Weddings

Sweet Heart Table

Floral Centerpiece

Wedding Cake

Why did you select your wedding / Reception Venue(s)?

Our wedding planner showed us about 5-6 possible venues. Greg and I both liked the Georgia Freight Depot because it was it was edgy and unique. I had never heard of someone getting married in an old railroad station before. It’s a blank slate and gave us, the artists, a chance to design a masterpiece and to share our love story. It was just a blessing that we were able to have our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all in the same venue.


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