Magnolia Plantation Engagement Photos | Joscelyn + Jon

Magnolia Plantation Engagement Photos | Joscelyn + Jon
by andrebrown February 03, 2017

I am excited to share Joscelyn and Jons Magnolia Plantation engagement photos with you because in just a few short weeks the bride and I will be doing her bridal session in Charleston, SC. When I met Joscelyn and Jon, I knew immediate that we were going to get along great. This couple was so pleasant and I love that they have a great sense of style. All dressed and dapper we took to the heat for what would be awesome engagement session.

As with all posts, I provide a little information about each of my couple so that you call can fall in love with them the same way that we do. Here is a little about Joscelyn and Jon.

magnolia plantation engagement photos - Couple Embrace

How did you meet?

Jon and I first met through mutual friends during college. We started off as friends, and the more I came in town to visit one of my friends that attended his school, the closer we became. I would always end up seeing him when I went out down there and he always made a way to see me. From then on, I knew something was different about him. He always went out of his way to be in my presence. So one weekend we went out with his friends after a Carolina football game, and Jon randomly asked me to be his girlfriend. I thought it was so “high school”, the way he went about it, but it was cute and at that moment he stole my heart.

magnolia plantation engagement photos - Couple Hug

Tell us about your first date!

Our first date was actually quite interesting. At the time we were attending two different universities, so I came into Columbia, SC and we had a movie date. Jon did not pre-purchase tickets, but we arrived at the theater a little early before the movie was supposed to begin, but when we got there, Jon realized that the movie was not playing at this theater, he accidentally had gotten the theaters mixed up, so of course he was embarrassed, but luckily we were able to make it to other theater in time for the late show. It also gave us more one on one time to converse with one another while we waited for the show to begin.

magnolia plantation engagement photos - engagement ring

How did he propose?

Jon proposed to me on June 4, 2016. Which was my 26th birthday. We celebrated my birthday in Miami, FL. On the night of my birthday we went to dinner at one of Miami’s most prestigious restaurants looking over the bay, known as Wolf Gang Steakhouse. I noticed Jon was acting rather different than usual. He was smirking throughout dinner and he just seemed rather off. I noticed it, but i didn’t put any thought into it. So anyhow, Jon got up from his seat to use the restroom, and a few moments later, I felt someone tap me on my shoulder, and when i turned around he was down on one knee and all the waiters and the restaurant owner were standing in an assembly line behind him. I was so overwhelmed, I immediately cried tears of joy. I knew this day was coming, but I did not even think it would be on my birthday.

magnolia plantation engagement photos - cute kiss

What made you choose this location for your shoot?

I was looking for beautiful scenery and rich with Charleston History. We are getting married in The Historical City of Charleston and this is also Jon’s home. His parents residence is located near Magnolia Plantation where we did the shoot.

Magnolia Plantation Engagement Pictures - Sweet Embrace

What are you MOST looking forward to about your wedding?

I am most looking forward to the beginning of forever with the love of my life. I am also looking forward to spending this day with our closest family and friends.

Wedding photo backdrops set for pictures

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

Jon and I love to Travel. Ever since we started dating, we couldn’t sit still! Until now of course, with the wedding planning going on. 🙂

Magnolia Plantation Engagement Photos

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