Beaufort Wedding Photographer | Surprise wedding in South Carolina

Beaufort Wedding Photographer | Surprise wedding in South Carolina
by andrebrown July 12, 2017

Beaufort Wedding Photogarpher- Bride and groom photo

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing the memory of my sister’s wedding. After months of planning and many setbacks along the way she and her fiance a Marine Corps Veteran, tied the knot at Old Point Park in historic downtown Beaufort. Be sure to check out their wedding by clicking here.


Tell us about the proposal.

I’ve actually had two proposals. The first was not romantic in the least. We were headed to get breakfast, and as I walked in the room he asked, “ Yes or No?” I said, “Yes or no what?” I was clueless, because it came completely out of thin air.. Needless to say, he was turned down. The second proposal was on my birthday April 15, 2014. He took me to a Jazz club in our town, and proposed over dinner.

Beaufort Wedding Photographer - Bride getting ready

Beaufort Wedding Photographer - Bride and mother

Describe your wedding dress, Who was the designer?

My wedding dress was a black, beaded mermaid gown, designed by Ellie Wilde. I purchased the dress online. Shopping wasn’t really hard for me, because I knew what I wanted. Definitely nothing traditional.

Beaufort Wedding Photographer - Groom getting ready

What was the inspiration for your wedding?

I’m not a traditional person. We’re not a traditional couple. I wanted something small and intimate with the people that know us the best. Keeping with non traditional, I was driving one day, and out of the blue I decided I wanted to surprise the love of my life.

Beaufort Wedding Photographer - bride and father

What was your best memory from your wedding?

My best memory was my husbands vows, and the way he looked at me with joy and love as he read them.

Beaufort Wedding Photographer - Groom vows

Beaufort Wedding Photographer - Bride vows

Beaufort Wedding Photographer - First Kiss

Beaufort Wedding Photographer

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